Laser Hair Removal for men

so what about the men?

First off, let me just say that laser hair removal for men is a lot more common than you would think. Manscaping is a thing and is becoming a prevalent Gauteng trend.

Let's face it, having back hair, just isn't as sexy as having a beard. When it comes to waxing, men hate it even more than women do. And hair removal at home can be the most tedious process ever. So the best option here is to go for some laser hair removal. It is a lot quicker, less painful and more sustainable than any other hair removal method. Is it a form of permanent hair removal for men ? The same answer applies as in the home page, men or woman are the same.

Still unsure? Let us delve a little deeper, shall we?

Men are increasingly interested in having body hair removed for athletic as well as aesthetic reasons. This is where manscaping comes in. Most men are unused to navigating the world of beauty, and therefore, manscaping is a whole new world for them. Laser hair removal results can reduce social anxiety, build confidence and offer great results both personally and professionally.

Optimal results: Men VS Women

Women and men have different concerns when it comes to facial and body hair. Where women would have the desire to eradicate hair, men instead want to focus on thinning excess hair and not removing it completely.

Popular treatment areas for gents

As shown in the image above, men usually want to reduce hair on their chest and back, stomach, abs, shoulders and bikini area. On their faces, they mostly want eyebrow shaping in order to reduce unibrows. 

Gents may also wish to clean up behind their ears, the back of their neck, atop the scalp or around the nose. Men who are darker-skinned may also need to focus on treating razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

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