Laser Hair Removal at Home Treatment

Ipl hair removal vs diode laser

Ok, so I decided to start with this debate. In short IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is a form of technology used for laser hair removal, as well as diode laser hair removal.There is a lot of comparisons between these two methods, and of course which is best or more effective.

The reason why this is relevant is because most devices used for at home treatments use ipl technology. In my experience ipl does not work as well as a diode laser hair removal at a skin clinic and more sessions are required for you to see the same results.

IPL works by using a flash lamp to send multiple wavelengths and then applying a filter to essentially block out all of them except the one used to target the hair follicle. Diode laser is much more efficient and targeted. The light emitted is a focused beam of light (laser) only sending the wavelength required and nothing else. Highly targeted. It is for this reason that laser has a lot more power behind it because it does not waste any energy hence more effective.

In my opinion, if you want results, go with a diode laser. The saying rings true: “You get what you pay for”. So be sure to do your reading up when you are considering to do laser hair removal at home.


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